Woahzza Me Still has a New Grooowndsss

2010-12-21 20:24:32 by Vivzmind

Dude..... I TOTALLY Fergot I had one of these thinga-ma-bobbers!
Mhm so Yeah
Now I'm officially DONE my first sem here at SVA in NYC and it was.... pretty damn sweet, besides finals causing sleep deprivation. Animation is meh life so doing it in a school setting rocks pretty hard, I'll start posting more art here cause I'm still doing it, and its gotten WAAAAY better hahaha. Animations prolly won't come till next year when we are allowed into the DIGI comp lab and get to use the shiny cintques.
So far this year I has befriended some pretty amazing classmates, and some pretty mind-blowing senior animation thesis students, one of which (maybe even two of which hahaha) I am assisting with their final film! I have so far met some big wig people in the animation bizz and chatted with them, WEWT! Caaaaaan't wait fer next sem where I can start helping with these thesis films cause I'm so excited to see how they turn out in ze end <3 I feel like a freshie who has a purpose....
but not much of a purpose :P

anyways I'm gonna like... go sleep

Woahzza Me Still has a New Grooowndsss

life Updates

2010-03-14 18:32:23 by Vivzmind

Um.. well I got accepted to SVA (school of visual arts) in NYC, to major in traditional animation! WOOOO! wich im reeeeally excited for, i did a 3 week coarse there and it was great! I love the city and it was amazing meeting people and such! Right now im working on getting my graphic novel off the ground, its hard.. really hard...

also doing some art commisions, filming some stuff with some friends and also with my siblings
I was just let go from my job at Shadowland lasertag (not because i wasnt good)
just because i missed 2 meetings in a row due to not being notified (whos fault is THAT THEN? GRRR) oh well, no more snotty kids asking what team the blue team was.. pfff
so to celebrate i made a fan music video of Lady Gaga's new song with my youngest sister Maritza http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v-iTmja eEBM
Just goes to show what an exciting life i lead *shrug* im not a dancer, im an artist, but it was fun to do!
I LOVE film, mainly video editing, but i dont have friends willing to be in skits or vids, so i end up making em myself with my shitty camera and WMM pfffff

ohwells, maybe in college i will friends who are up to that stuff! :P

lastly stage crew for the school musical is taking up all my time as of late, funfun times
Im up for artwork collabs!

I think thats all


*watches Chase Dance*

life Updates